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Volunteer Mentor

A Children Heard and Seen Volunteer is a caring and responsible adult volunteer who in partnership with a child develops a trusting relationship through which the child can seek and receive support and guidance or support group activities.

A Volunteer helps to ensure that a child has the opportunity to try new things, access resources, develop resilience, coping strategies and life skills to help the child make sense of their situation and feelings in order that they are able to make positive life choices and maximise their potential.

Every volunteer mentor needs to be able to -
•Commit to offering weekly support over a period of a year.
•Meet with the child weekly with a view to carrying out a mutually agreed-upon activity.
•Show an active interest in the child’s life and what is going on in their lives.
•Honour commitments made to the child.
•Be respectful of the child’s time, opinions, and choices and decision-making.
•Serve as a positive role model by modelling desirable behaviours e.g. patience, tolerance, and reflective listening.
•Be able to establish appropriate boundaries with the child and his or her family.
•Be encouraging and supportive of the child.
•Support a child in a way which is responsive to the child’s wishes and needs and respectful of the child’s family.
•Be able to show an understanding of the potential difficulties that a child who has a parent in prison may face whilst treating each child as an individual with a unique set of needs and wishes.
•Respect the confidentiality of children, their families, do not disclose confidential information or talk about children or young people that you know through your volunteering role outside of your role within the Charity.
•Respect the equality and diversity of children, their families and their community.
•Liaise when appropriate with other professionals supporting the child e.g. teachers.
•Help the child to work towards any goals the child identifies.
•Be able to identify and raise Safeguarding concerns.
•Support group activities

Oxfordshire and Berkshire

• Be at least 21 years of age. • Submit an application, 2 forms of reference, a copy of a photo ID. • Receive a clear Disclosure and Barring Check. • Successfully complete an interview for volunteer position • Complete training day and selection process. • Demonstrate a genuine care for and commitment towards supporting children of prisoners.

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You must be over 21 years old Applicants will be shortlisted Accessible Expenses Paid

Open from Saturday 30th March 2019 to Monday 1st June 2020

Closing on Friday 31st May 2019 in 41 days.


Oxfordshire and Berkshire