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Volunteers to help at Wheels for All sessions, providing inclusive cycling facilities.

Would you like to help us make our participants smile? For some cycling gives them an independence they don’t normally experience, others discover they have an ability they didn’t think they had, for all it’s an enjoyable, fun experience they relish despite other challenges they may face.

For the volunteers, it’s a deeply satisfying experience being part of a team that brings so much joy to people who’s opportunities may otherwise be limited. Many of us take cycling for granted and forget what a liberating experience it can be. Some participants have limited mobility but discover that a bicycle can set them free. Even those in wheelchairs can be transported by bike and feel the wind in their hair.

Our volunteers help with a variety of tasks: getting the bikes out of storage, checking the bikes are OK, greeting participants and their carers, chatting to them, helping fit cycle helmets, helping choose an appropriate bicycle, adjusting the bike for them, guiding and re-assuring participants, accompanying them on a two-seater or riding round next to them, encouraging and praising participants, helping keep everyone happy, advising on cycling skills and bikes, helping maintain the bikes, helping prepare refreshments, socialising and sharing the fun, trying out different sorts of bikes, helping put the bikes away after a session, record keeping, fund raising, publicity and lots more. You can help with one or more of these activities, you can attend for the whole session or just an hour or two, you can help regularly or just occasionally - it’s up to you.

The primary role of Wheels for All staff and volunteers is to run the session and offer guidance, advice and support in relation to cycling and cycling related matters. The carers, parents or guardian accompanying participants are responsible for the care and supervision of the participant.

Horspath Road Athletics Ground, OX42RR

Being inspired by our participants

Nothing specific, but enjoying helping others.

Bus, cycle, drive

cycling,social inclusion,Volunteering

You must be over 16 years old Accessible

Open from Friday 19th April 2019 to Friday 19th April 2019



Friday, 19 April 2019

Starting at 09:00 for 3 hours


Horspath Road Athletics Ground, OX42RR