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Employers/employees required to assist in delivery of Employability Masterclass to 6th form students in disadvantaged area of Oxford

July 17th, approx. 8am to 3pm at secondary school in south Oxford

This is a practical Masterclass in preparing for the world of work. It helps students to consider the skills and personal qualities employers value and how to evidence these skills. Local employers and employees mentor the students during the Masterclass and share their own experiences as a recruiter and job hunter. Parking is available at the school.

**Please note: many students here come from disadvantaged backgrounds and engaging them can be difficult. The school has asked that our volunteers be relatable to these young people – perhaps having come from disadvantaged backgrounds themselvesor taken an untraditional path towards their current career. People with trade careers would be fantastic as well. Sometimes it can be frustrating to work with hard to engage young people, so patience, understanding and a good sense of humour are appreciated.**

Young Enterprise is all about making connections between school and the world of work and enabling young people to develop the knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed. Thank you so much for donating your time to help empower young people in Oxfordshire.

Young Enterprise, OX42TZ

Lunch, networking with like-minded people, great experience

Fluent English, experience in job hunting or hiring

Information will be given upon confirmation of attendance.

employment,Team work,young people,children and young people,school,Learning and Participation,Meeting people,Leadership

You must be over 18 years old Applicants will be shortlisted

Open from Tuesday 17th July 2018 to Tuesday 17th July 2018

offered by Young Enterprise



Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Starting at 08:00 for 7 hours