Full Circle is a charitable organisation which began working with Oxfordshire schools in 2000.

We bring older and younger people together on a weekly basis, with the aim of nurturing friendship and understanding between the generations.

We have over 80 older volunteers supporting Full Circle groups across the county. We are very proud that our oldest volunteer is 95 years old and and our longest serving volunteer has been going to her Full Circle group for over 17 years!

There are no special skills or experiences needed to become a Full Circle volunteer. All we ask is that our older volunteers

  • Are over the age of fifty

  • Enjoy being with children or young people

  • Can volunteer for one hour a week, during school term times

People decide to volunteer with Full Circle for many reasons. It is a very rewarding experience and an ideal way to

  • Have fun

  • Make a difference to the lives of younger people

  • Meet new people and make new friends

  • Gain new experiences and share skills

They teach the children games they’ve never played and they teach them games they’ve never heard of!

Full Circle - Opportunities

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